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Exclusivo Mezlca

Exclusivo Mezcla Weighted Blanket,7-Layer King/Queen/Twin Size Heavy Blanket with Premium Glass Beads

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HEAVY BLANKET- Weighted Blanket, as a functional product, is designed to improve sleeping quality in a natural and scientific method. It simulates the feeling of being held or hugged by adding a proper weight on body, which called Deep Pressure Touch as a proved theory. So we would gain the sense of security to get relaxed, the similar way baby sleeps from being swaddled.
SMART COMPOSITION- Innovative 7-layer structure includes doubled covers and two extra microfiber filling inside, central part is the heavy glass beads. Those exquisite construction ensures the durability for its weight and also the comfort as a blanket. Evenly distribute a proper pressure on body.
INSTRUCTION- A suitable weighted blanket should be 10% around your own body weight and might be a little lighter for first use. A 15 lbs heavy blanket is suitable for 120-180lbs individuals and 20 lbs for 170lbs-250lbs. For the size, we recommend the 48''x72'' for Twin and Full beds, 60''x80'' for Full, Queen sized beds,80''x87' for King sized beds.
EASY CARE- The 7-layer construction makes machine wash possible. Wash on a gentle setting in cold water with a large capacity washing machine, flat dry or tumble dry low. We highly recommend hand wash or a duvet cover for easy care.
NOTICE- Weighted blanket is great for people who suffer from sleeping issues, it is truly a sweet gift idea for those you love. But please attention, due to the heavy weight, this blanket is not suitable for the pregnant, kids under three and the old who is not able to take the blanket off on their own.